Saturday, February 23, 2008


Those who say they love the USA and cherish our democracy must give a damn for Uncle Sam and live or die for liberty. We don't need another tired, uninspired politician. We need a leader who knows the score and what the Bully Pulpits' for. He'll tell Congress what to do and they better follow through.

Our president must use his power to serve the people most in need. Not the special interests consumed by greed. He must not be inhibited by those who contributed to his campaign in anticipation of private gain and special favors to friends and relatives.

Power brokers, other jokers, high rollers, those who control the price of fuels, must be told rules apply equally to giants of industry and the ordinary workers in the shops and factories. That those who try to ignore or circumvent powers of the president or disobey federal laws will cause prosecution, that the Constitution will be the solution, the Supreme Court once more will be the last resort for all who try to sell our nation short.

Government officials---appointed, elected or selected--- must no longer be protected from prosecution. When all is said and done, everyone, including presidents, who intrude on the law must answer to their violations.

These are laws, rules and regulations guaranteeing equality of all charged with acts of criminality. They'll keep our nation strong and free, will preserve our love of liberty.

This is what must be in the next presidency..


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