Sunday, March 02, 2008


SHE GOT CAUGHT: Poor Hillary's been stung by the Killer B. She's off her pace and is losing the race. Ain't it a disgrace! She had her shot and she got caught between a HARD PLAC E AND BARACK.
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McCAIN'S WORN-OUT BRAIN: John McCain's claim of experience is just plain nonsense. He's got an old, worn-out brain that keeps repeating the same dumb Dubya refrain. "Remain in Iraq, don't bring our GIs back, until we win."

John must know he's wrong, but he goes along with that stupid mouth that went south long ago. Who'd vote for an old goat who promotes a losing cause just because Dubya said it's so?

McCain and that George without a brain claim the winless war must go on until more GIs are slain and we sink into a bloody sea of tragic hypocrisy.


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