Sunday, March 16, 2008


It makes good sense. When you consider the immense extent of diversity in this land of multiplicity, you begin to understand why there is such animosity among groups who disagree vociferously. When a people don't see eye to eye on issues that affect us all, our democracy could be headed for a fall.

What causes nations to go to war? A drastically growing population. When there are too many mouths to feed, when there's a need for land to expand, when the cost of living gets out of hand, the short term answer is WAR

Statistics show that when births increase to such a state that the poor have no place to live comfortably in harmony, something's got to give and inevitably it does. Inflation, near starvation, deprivation act to separate a nation into haves, have-nots and lots of other opposing forces.

These factors foster revolution. Multiplication of the population in a nation without the wherewithal to deal effectively poses problems for which sound solutions must be found.

When thousands are unemployed, living in a void, when decent jobs cannot be found and common ground cannot be achieved it creates desperation leading to crime, thousands more spending time in jail because their government and industry failed to do what they should: reduce the ranks of the destitute and left behind. Put them back on the employment line!

We must deal with the lagging economy, turn disparity into prosperity. It won't be easy. But it must be!


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