Friday, March 14, 2008


When darkness rules the heavens the stars will disappear. The moon will lose its glow and will no longer show the way in the dead of night. The sun's fire will expire, greed and mad desire will control coal and other fuels.

Everything that kindles will be worth its weight in gold. Matches will be sold at a hundred bucks a strike and there will be no guarantee these magic sticks will light. Only in our sleep will we see a sun still shining bright.

Darkness that surrounds us will confound us as we collide with this and that. We will fall constantly. not knowing where we're at. And walls of jet black air will declare control of Earth.

No longer will we see a smile, admire a style, start a fire for a barbecue. Poets will not write about flowers that bloom in spring. They'll fling away their writing tools and babble endlessly words that disappear in the darkened atmosphere.

Loss of light will cause distress, destroy awareness. We will care less about fairness in a world where we're alone in a crowded room of gloom, doomed by blackness that dominates the sky. But new leaders are on the rise that don't need eyes to see what's in air. In the world of darkness the blindman is the king.


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