Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There's no beginning, no end, no heaven, no hell, no wishes in the wishing well. There's just one breath. It starts with living, ends with death.

There's only one once in between the first and final scene. There's no present, no past, no first, no last, no slow, no fast. We come, we go, we never know when this movie show will end, when the curtain will fall if at all.

The only truth that touches me is energy I cannot see but share with every flower, tree and creature on land and sea. All is all a part of me and I of they. We share each night and day, feel the same pain in a different way. Who's to say love will steal my heart away.

I do not understand the trite I write and why it comes out rhyme most time, what puts these words into my brain, lets me compose a brief refrain about a falling rain, a moving train, tragedy of a falling plane. Each word is like grain of sand and is the land where we reside where no one ever lived or died, laughed or cried for there's no way and no one to decade.

Is this world just foolish fantasy? We'll just have to wait and see.


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