Wednesday, March 12, 2008


George Bush, the demented president, the Texass ass, has his brain in his tush. He pushed the USA into war based on lies that have killed, so far, more than four thousand GIs.

Well, to hell with GWB, madman of the GOP, who stole the presidency, not once but twice, with help of the Supreme Court who sold democracy short and put this campus sport into a job for which he was not qualified. Result: this insult to the human race, this liar, set the world on fire.

Dubya, like his dad, has an obsession to wage aggression on Iraq that lacks an ounce of common sense, but caused immense damage to our national defense and sentenced our troops to execution in a war of great expense in American lives and greenbacks to topple Iraq's mad butcher of Baghdad.

Even with Sadam gone, the war drags on. It will until Dubya gets his way. He might if voters don't do right. Be gone with John McCain. The GOP's hopeless hopeful, stubborn as a Texas mule, says he'll pull this nation together. How can this brainwashed intellect expect us skeptics to misconstrue what he says he'll do if he becomes president? Don't let him. Get him out of here before he starts another war.

Don't people realize McCain won't end the war. He'll extend it to satisfy the vanity of Bush's insanity and ploy to destroy democracy. Barak will bring our troops back from Iraq if we elect him president.

Don't let more GIs die for no damn good reason why!


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