Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hear all ye sinners, disbelievers, shouters, doubters, don't find outers. intelligent designer whiners, Creationist insisters, brothers, sisters, shoulder shruggers, take my hand, come with me to Darwin Land, maybe ye will understand why the chicken came before the egg way back before the world began.

Keep in mind if ye find mistakes in claims I make, Take 'em with a ton of salt. It ain't my fault. I never kissed a therapist, the fist of a nooclar scientist, If that makes sense I guess what I'm about to spout will make even less.

The beginning began before there was no man, no electric fan or garbage can, no no or yes, more or less. There was a lot of smoke and fire, ice and lice and tiny mice but no dinosaurs, carnivore's, baseball scores or Walmart stores.

There was a mess caused by God who got the blame before he came to steak a claim or eat a Big Mac in a sack or suffer constipation which started all the consternation over whether the Creator caused creation.

Then came Darwin from some foreign town who turned everything upside-down when he started an evolution revolution which robbed God of his claim to fame.

Does anybody really care how we got here from there? Fact is, we done it and we gonna stay awhile. Say "Cheese!" Smile! But don't dare switch the dial. Stick with CNN. You just may be born again a ballpoint pen.


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