Saturday, April 12, 2008


Is America headed down a Dead End Street headed for a sure defeat all because Dubya broke the laws of our Constitution? Is there a solution to the predicament the president got us in? Will we ever win again? That depends on how the painful campaign of 2008 ends. If it sends the GOP to the political pits where they should be, there's a chance of recovery.

We started down the wrong track long before Bush decided to sack Iraq with an illegal, unjustified attack. Shortly after Dubya's reign began the Republican FLUSH in the pan, the also ran man began his nefarious plan to undo all the good Bill Clinton had done. In the process he made a mess of the U.S.

Through haste and waste, cut and paste he replaced our surplus with a loss that none of us will live to see the budget return to profitability. But does the Bush buffoon accept accountability for the four thousand plus GIs who died because he lied? The wounded, maimed who will never be the same, the death and injured innocent Iraqi citizens, billions lost in real estate, hate generated against America by the Bush administration, the crime, corruption and disruption, sadness, grief and misery unprecedented, caused by any president in modern history.

Politically, historically in wars one side loses, one side celebrates victory. In reality, all suffer equally. Insanity of man killing man affects all humanity. All are tortured by the same reality that he or she, them or they are dead today because of war, because of me.

This useless, fruitless killing spree will continue endlessly if we buy the McCain/Bush/GOP theory who want to strain our resources and keep killing our armed forces. If we don't prolong the war, as the habitually wrong predict, we will convict thousands more to bloodbath death and misery. Somehow that's what's happening now and we're still there. If our pulling out is a mistake, Iraq will have to make it on their own.

We write this all in rhyme to entertain and to stress victory for McCain will add tears and fears, pain and strain to the next four years. The Democrats vow to end all that. And that is where we're at. Let's stand together, band together, demand an end to the George Bush War!


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