Friday, April 04, 2008


When our nation is plagued by inflation or in recession, on the verge of depression, and the national debt is greater than it should get, what is the proposed solution? Eliminate support to the sorts of things no doubt our people can do without. Congress insists top of the list should be music, art and literature, culture, if you will, and sports of all sorts, and assorted programs designed to develop body and mind.

Needless to say our country’s precariously on the verge of bankruptcy, caused by war, waste and incompetence. Although it makes no sense, the only untouchable too muchable is military defense. The cost of war is by far Number One on our shopping list. Guns and planes are more important than healthy bodies and probing brains.

All which leaves one to wonder, will art die or will it lie in repose like a basket of dirty clothes? Will composers ever compose again? If so, when? Will those who chose art succumb to deflation of the dollar bill?
What will become of the impressionable young? Will they suffer from depression of the soul? Who can know? Who can say? What will become of the art of oil, pen and ink, words of the wise who make readers think, music that soothes the soul? If sports are cut short, will we witness a lack of physical fitness?

If all this is denied by schools, will we raise a nation of fools?


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