Thursday, April 10, 2008


How can any woman or any man, any member of any crowd, be proud to be a Republican? The GOP will always be the symbol of the Bush Regime that had a dream and scheme to turn America into a second rate dictatorship.

Luckily, they flipped their lid in their bid to do it. We knew it would happen sooner, not later. Dictators all eventually meet their Waterloo. This one will, too, with a little help and votes to spare by citizens who care enough to hang tough this time around.

Anyone with half a brain knows the Bushies were insane to try to stain our United States with their venom, their hate and appeal to the public weal to let them steal our freedom blatantly. Let's hope the Democrats will set them straight before it's too late.

We must reject their use of fear to steer the Left to the Right. And just when someone's needed most there emerges two up to the job who want to be the next president. Whether it be Hillary or Barak, we're confident either one will turn back the GOP as we surge ahead to victory over the declining economy and put the nation back on course full force.

First we must elect/select a candidate prepared to debate convincingly whoever's chosen by the GOP to perpetuate the past seven years of stagnation, of an illegal war that caused four thousand-plus GIs to die, of an incompetent administration that spent the Clinton surplus relentlessly and put our nation on the verge of bankruptcy, who helps the wealthy and denies thousands of health insurance.

Need I say more? You tell me. Better yet, tell it to the ballot on Election Day.


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