Monday, April 07, 2008


The US is in an awful mess, it's stressed and in distress, no less. It can only sink in one direction--- down, down, down. How can we turn DC town around?

FIRST: Impeach the presiDUNCE and Veep Creep before it's too late. Indict the GOP menagerie and get them out of DC Town. Dump lame duck Dubya's wrecking crew, everyone from Bush Clone McCain, on down to the many zany, not so brainy, somewhat insaney doers what Dubya tells them to. Let them do time for their part in the crime of the century in a federal penitentiary.

NEXT: Put Democrats in the deloused White House, fill Congress with the best men and women money CAN'T buy and hope they reverse the worse legislation the soon to die Bush misadministration rammed through during the final hours of their overpowering power. Then be sure our country's secure and will endure despite the dirty GOPolitic tricks.

We suffered through eight years of sweat and tears, of sneers and floppy ears. Hopefully Shore Mo Thit will Fit the Shan (translation on demand!) now that we know what Republicans can do to screw our democracy.

Just remember come November tender your vote for who ever's on the Democratic ticket. Let's stick it to the enemy of democracy and the masters of hypocrisy.


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