Thursday, April 10, 2008


A horrid eight year nightmare is almost through. Voters did what they had to do. They threw the GOP out thoroughly and officially. But will the scars of war the Dubya left behind long remind the voters of tomorrow the pain, the sorrow the Republicancer left behind,

Dead GIs can never be replaced. Trillions lost to pay the cost of our attack on Iraq will plague this nation for generations to come. Some will say the war was necessary to free Iraqis from the grips of an iron-fisted dictatorship.

But what have we replaced it with? The myth of an elusive democracy, mired in hypocrisy, misery, despondency, poverty. Thousands dead and more resigned to a lifetime of disability borne of the futility of war.

The Republicans have been thirsting for blood and dragging democracy through the mud ever since that Dubya dud stole the glory from Gore and a whole lot more and proceeded, with the aid of a greedy GOP, to turn our government into a second rate banana state of mediocrity.

Now we have a lamebrain Sen. John McCane who can't wait to outdo W. Do you want him to?


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