Sunday, April 27, 2008


This nation's flirting with annihilation. Once a land of milk and honey, it's becoming more sour by the hour. WE (and that includes you GWB!) have traded democracy for hypocrisy, a land of the free for less liberty, less integrity, less honesty less diversity, less prosperity.

How much have we thrown away? As each day dawns, more is gone, On and on. On and on.

WE (and GWB) went on a killing spree. a mean, vicious, malicious war even though many were suspicious of the reasons why. A war not declared, but decreed by GWB. He lied, Thousands died, GIs and the enemy. No plausible cause, but because of a mad dictator Over There, and Texas prevaricator Over Here.

WE (and GWB) cannot erase the past. Memory of this rotten war will last, will not be forgotten, for generations. WE (not he) have suffered recession, near depression, inflation, frustration. humiliation. WE (and ONlLY WE} will long be a grieving nation for the thousands dead, not left behind. They will always be a weight upon our hearts and ever present in our minds,

But the U.S.A. may rise again if the voters are wise and remember come November what the GOP and GWB have done to WE who crave to save our waning democracy. A Democratic President and Congressional Majority may be the key.

If we fail, there will be four more years of A BUSH/McPAIN WAR DIE-NASTY.


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