Monday, May 05, 2008


Sen. John McCain---whose name rhymes with "pain"---must explain his view on torture before voters can decide whether he should reside in the White House for four more Bush-like years.

McCain, while a prisoner of war in Viet Nam claims he underwent pain and torture during the years he spent at the Hanoi Hilton, After he got out, based on his wartime hero persona, he was elected a senator from the state of Arizona. Now he's a presumptive wannabe candidate for president.

So, come on John, tell us how could you, a victim of torture and torment, have voted to uphold the Bush veto of a bill that would have made this painful punishment a crime?

It seems your years of experience in a wartime prison did not influence your decision. How much pain would you have to endure, Senator McCain, to make sure torture was not your cup of tea? It seems to me, we don't want a Bush clone to own the key to the White House who supports this archaic way to convince prisoners to cooperate with the enemy. Do we want another GOP president who will do whatever Dubya tells him to?

The reputation of our nation, thanks to the worst American president in all creation, will never recover as long as there's a Dubya double at the helm of our sinking Ship of State. So, Big John, let us know, do you still defend the Bush veto? Do you still back his misadventure in Iraq? Is a war with Iran in your secret presidential plan?


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