Saturday, May 03, 2008


After eight long and torturous years of sweat and tears and terrorist fears the Great White Dope, the man who couldn't cope and didn't care, who lied and cheated every way and nearly destroyed the USA, will soon be gone and we will carry on to undo the war he got us into. He wore our flag on his lapel and told democracy to go to hell.

Will the one who replaces the Dope become the Great White/Black/all races Hope, who will reach out to all America and lands from sea to sea? Will He/She be profound and sound with both feet on the ground and eyes upon a new horizon where all are treated equally? Will He/She be the Great Hope to all, the big and small, the short and tall, the weak and strong, the right who are sometimes wrong, the poor and those with wherewithal. The up, the down, the ins, the outs, the ones with clout, who will help our nation again stand tall?

The Great Hope's ancestors may have sailed from distant shores to Plymouth Rock, born of different stock, spoke different tongues, were old, were young or in-between, came in chains as slaves and freed by war but fought for equality as they refused to ride in the back of the bus just because they were black, not white like us.

All who came were here to stay as pioneers in the USA where they could pray and earn their pay and live the way they wanted to. Some fought and died for the Red, White and Blue, others rose to wealth and fame and great acclaim.

Today we have a man of destiny campaigning for the presidency. He could be the Great Hope of all who dream of living free. The Great Hope for nation we all revere may already be here to lead us for at least the next four years.

His name is Barack Obama and he is black. We must not turn our back on this man of destiny! Give him a chance to prove that he will be the Great Hope of all humanity.


Anonymous dany said...

You've got to be kidding. He's not that progressive. He's not that great. You are going to be disappointed when he wins and nothing much changes.

1:03 AM  

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