Sunday, May 25, 2008


Some resent the extent to which we go to know who we should love or hate or just tolerate and nominate for president. To most, the long-running events are a welcome source of entertainment, and enlightenment about what was said and what was meant in debates in various states in stately halls all across the USA.

The orchestrated debates provide a stage for wannabes to accuse, abuse and rage against the others who also choose to compete for the Oval Office seat. They all try to convince the viewers watching on the on the TV screen or at the scene. to vote their way on Election Day.

The speakers usually refuse to admit exactly what they're for and how they'll manage the D. C. store if they're elected or selected as the case may be. But they all appreciate the cost-free opportunity to go through the political machinations the nation demands in preparation for the Big Event.

Those competing for the prize speak at meetings, greeting, repeating the same rhetoric schtick. They kiss lots of babies and old ladies, eat all sorts of food and sometimes have to take a break to recover from campaign pain in the belly ache and other places we have no intension to mention.


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