Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Democrats and Republicans can be Two of a Kind when what dominates their active minds is their determination to be candidates for president. And in this season of debates nothing gets you elected or ejected faster than an unexpected disaster.

Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee, separated only by party affiliations, both wannabe candidates for in '08. As of now, I believe there's no way either could become contenders unless disaster becomes the master of their candidate fate, unless disaster sidelines the menmbers in the driver's seat nothing could make this happen faster than sudden disaster.

Hillary and Huckabee are holding to the possibility that he or she will take the place of the presumptives if happenstance or circumstance forces either to bow out in disgrace, creating space in the race for the Dem and the GOP wannabes, Could that be? Yessiree!

Hillary made the observation about the assassination of RFK, inferring the same thing could happen to Obama. It's rumored Hill and Bill privately discussed this possibility. If it happened it would give the candidacy to Hilllary. How conniving can politicians be?

Huckabee, in an address to the National Rife Association, made a bad taste remark about somebody aiming a gun at Barack. That crack just wasn't cricket and will probably dash Huck;s chances on the Republican ticket.

Both wanabes have been waiting in the wings for something to turn the tide. John McCaine's age and health may rule him out. Huckabee, until this disgrace, was the leading contender to take his place. Obama's way ahead in the delegate vote which relegates Hillary to the wait-and-see runner up behind O. B. who has all but won the candidacy. Will her insensitivity kill her chances politically? Could be.

It's mistakes like these that make or break contestants in a race for president. Certainly no insult was meant. Bu the result of a momentary slip of the lip can end a trip to the seat of power in the Ivory Tower of D. C. Both hopefuls should ride it out and leave no doubt they meant no harm by what they expressed in moments of stress. And that when the campaign's through they'll still be true to their party and their constituency.


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