Thursday, May 29, 2008


Some clocks tick and some clocks tock and some do both or none at all. Some clocks depend on electricity to guarantee accuracy and just buzz or humm to let you know their time has come.

Some clocks ring or ding-a-ling to do their thing and mean no harm when they sound their alarm. These clocks have hands to obey commands, but have no arms or elbows. eyes or nose. none of these, none of those or hair that grows everywhere.

Big Ben bongs and gongs the whole day long and it is seldom wrong, it's reckoned, for more than a second. It lives high in the London Tower filling every hour watching flowers grow, cars come and go, lovers strolling to and fro and winds that blow sleet and snow---the picture show of humanity in all its vanity. Inanity, insanity and its capacity for nasty mendacity in the not so ittπy-bitty beautiful British city.

So synchronize your clocks and wash your dirty socks. You've got time. The grime must go. On with the picture show!


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