Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What is the responsibility of the president? It Is to be wise, advise, bring opposing sides together so they can cooperate, negotiate and share a commonality.

Stubbornly maintaining opposing positions creates conditions favorable to the enemy. Disunity within the ranks leads to mutiny to the other side. A strong, united force stays the course where factions agree to disagree, debate, negotiate and arrive at a conclusion, confusion free.

When politicians seek conditions on which neither side concedes, if concerns are spurned the issue's dead, victim of a legislative loggerhead. The president must decide who is wrong, who is right and fight for his true convictions.

The president must present facts that are exact, historically correct. This the electorate respects and expects. Any less and the Chief of State loses the debate and the approval rate once held loses its validity.

If such confrontations occur all to frequently, the president compromises his/her capability and leads voters to question the stability of the nation under the current administration.


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