Friday, June 06, 2008


Throughout America's history, and in every great democracy, there are times of crucial need when nations cry out in desperation for a helping hand to lead them back to the promised land of peace and prosperity.

Because of their own leaderless hypocrisy and greed that deny reality, the vitality and morality that were earmarks of America's success are replaced by disgrace and distress. International entanglements that make no common sense; They are confronted by depression and aggression that ultimately lead to war.

Losers wring their hands, make unreal taxing demands borne of futility, lacking the ability to ensue a new renewal, they turn to cruel, fool alternatives where life gives way to disarray and men play the deadly killing game.

Confronted by ultimate defeat, one unencumbered member of humanity sees through the insanity of it all and calls the world to his side. "There is no need to merely ride this out," he tells the gathered throng. "When something's wrong, you don't submit. You find a way and fix it. And that's what we will do. Me and you and millions more working for our mutual good will discuss what's best for us. Could this work? It should. Why not give it a try?"

They put their shoulder to the wheel. Tried to turn it, heard it squeal. A squirt of oil. A spin or two. That tried and true wheel worked good as new.


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