Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, pardon me for saying this, but do I miss some reason why a sitting, unbefitting president should retain the right until the final second of his last hour in power to pardon himself and others for crimes committed, permitted while the Chief of Stuff Wehadenuff is still in power?

When selected, was expected to be a liar and a denier. He lived up to his reputation as a man whose mind was on vacation, but we never saw an indication that this blah-blah hee-haw loved to violate the law and do it legally.

His interpretation of legislation was that he, the idiot resident playing president, could and would reinvent the Constitution so it would grant him absolution from prosecution from any crime he took the time to disobey as he set about to destroy the USA. He could and would and almost did.

Why should the worst president in history, the impeachable head of a fading democracy, be assured the right to serve out his time committing crime after crime with no punishment or time in jail? And retain the Constitutional power to reprieve himself if he is deemed guilty. Not only can he free himself, but also all his crony phonies---VP Cheney one of many---who hide behind the Constitution they ignored while disobeying the word of law. Could they be tried for crimes committed, possibly omitted, by presidential pardon when they become private citizens once again?

If it's so easy to rewrite the Constitution, why not eliminate the loopholes that give the Thief of State the right to pardon anyone who did what all illegal presidents do. It makes no sense to let a suspect charged with any offense get off the hook because the crook he served faithfully was equally guilty of the same crime yet served as judge and jury, with the power of the pardon, and rules to set the culprit free.

Hopefully that right will cease to be in the next presidency.


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