Saturday, June 07, 2008


Is this Age of Trauma near its end? Did the American debates, the election of Barack Obama and a rising voice of reason in this season of regret, get a message to these disunited United States and the other lands still free that we must act as one to undo what has been done freedom and democracy?

Will we soon have an American president and a government that will help lead this weary world into a new era of health and wealth and a strong and vibrant economy? Can our world's leaders put an end to insanity and the slaughter of humanity? Will they together usher in a lasting brotherhood where nations act and react they should and could?

If one good lesson emerges from the travesty of war let it be that freedom and democracy cannot coexist with the iron fist of a fascist state. That war is not the only way to deal with disunity and disarray.
For what it's worth, there must be a rebirth of sanity on this earth if we are to get one last opportunity to justify our right to be the keepers and the monitors of humanity. We live in an age of fragility where most nations of the world have the will and the ability to blow their neighbors thousands of miles away to kingdom com.

Is this earth of so little worth that one day we will blow it all away?


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