Thursday, June 19, 2008


Does life begin at the moment of conception or with that special kiss between a mister and a miss? Is it in that instant when two agree this lifetime was meant to be?

In the sight of God and His holy messenger, in an ancient ritual ceremony, lovingly, two souls become one. Hopefully entwined for all eternity. Each is asked: "Do you?" "Do you?" Each replies: "I do." "I do." Then they hear the words they've waited for, as all lovers have since days of yore: "I now pronounce you husband and wife." With a kiss the sweethearts start a brand new life.

The organist plays a brief refrain, then surrenders to the orchestra that entertains the gathered throng with song and dance in celebration of a blessed romance. Family and friends drink and eat and, with checks or other gifts in hand, repeat and repeat, "Congratulations. Good luck, God bless."

Eventually the newlyweds leave to begin their honeymoon in the wedding bed. They're alone, together on their own, the hotel room their one night love nest. After a brief rest they kiss, they touch, they clutch consumed by passion and desire. When they are done, has a new life begun? Does reality really take hold the moment they consummate? Or does life begin when a child arrives alive one second young?

Regardless of how or why, the newlyweds have set in motion the creation of another member of civilization who will be the object of an everlasting ocean of devotion. As far as the couple is concerned, it occurred when that brand new he or her received a slap on the back that started life flowing and a tiny glowing bundle of flesh and bone, became a hearing, seeing human being,

The first breath, followed by a cry, perhaps a tear, tells the whole world, "I am here! I am here!"


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