Sunday, June 22, 2008


What in the world is happening to this world? Floods and fires; loan shark liars, industries gone bust; lack of trust in politics; tainted tomatoes that make you sick and maybe dead; Wall Street in the red; foreclosures soar; prices rise at every store; violence, events that culminate in unintended consequence; incompetence in government that leads to fraud and amounts unaccounted for; mad cow disease that make bulls and breeders ill at-ease.

Forgotten are days of long ago that changed the lives of heroes, ordinary joes, friends and foes and so-and-sos; inventions, conventions, best intentions gone astray; the rise and fall of dynasties; ships lost on trips in angry seas; life and death of movie stars; Broadway plays, hits and flops; crooked cops and political sops; declaration, devastation, long duration, cessation of deadly wars, nations that won or lost, the cost in men and money; funny quirks in history; unexplainable mystery.

Sports, records, scores, jeers and roars; famous whores, ladies of the night, concubines, paramours and those pursuing similar lines with designs on thrones, desire to rise to royalty; songs and tunes, jazz and rock and opera, too; who was who, what did they do to advance the cause of romance; dance styles of the day that helped folks smile their troubles away; a world at work, a world at play, day by day.

The internet will lead the way. Ask GOOGLE and relax. the facts are stored electronically waiting for your inquiry.


Blogger Rinkly Rimes said...

This comment is rather general. I am an Australian Grandmother who writes and enjoys poetry and I was looking for the poetry on your Blog and couldn't find it. I've only just started Blogging so I've been browsing to get ideas. My Blog is called 'Rinkly Rimes'
Brenda Bryant

4:03 AM  
Blogger Rinkly Rimes said...

Re the above.....

Now I've taken the trouble to sit quietly and read with my brain and not just my eyes I realise it's lovely poetry!
Brenda Bryant

1:13 AM  

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