Wednesday, July 02, 2008



America was once the United States. a freedom loving people bent on attempting a great experiment meant to hold the world together, come calm or stormy weather. We were a race---not black or white or any other shade, but just a people who did what had to be done.

As a race we knew our place in history. It was no mystery. We were a people with a soul who would lead the whole wide world to the day in history when all would live in peace and prosperity. And this was becoming a reality when something went terribly, intolerably wrong.

The USA became the tool of a fool, a maniac whose goal was to rule by power. Where we are today? Headed toward Armageddon?

Dubya is not a leader. He's a breeder of discontent. In the beginnig he was not winning the support of the people, caught in the grip of his arrogant lack of leadership. He began to slip big time in the polls. Then came 9/11, Dubya's gift from Heaven. He played the savior bit. His false bravado became a hit with a public stunned and out of it. His losing streak went up lickity-split. That was the start of it. Anti-terrorism was his theme. It worked like a dream.

Bush knew a war would make him a star. With well crafted lies and a gang of equally crooked guys, the scapegoat of note became Iraq. For five bloody years there seemed no turning back. But now the world is tuning its back on the Bush War and prays for ways to end it, But depend on Bush to lie us into another storm.

As was his plan all along, this ding-dong president looks forward to the next event, INVASION OF IRAN! Does Dubya give a damn how many more GIs will die? Billions, maybe trillions more down the drain because this insane Thing wants to teach us he is King.

What might avoid this fruitless fight before it's too late? Does Congress have the guts to IMPEACH this nut and all his crew? Who knows what Dubya will doodoo in the final hours of his power. We may all be dead as he goes ahead and bombs Iran and sets his sites on Germany, Japan and even Alabama, Louisiana and Indiana and any other states who voted for Obama. He might even bomb the whole damn USA. Meanwhile, folks, have a nice DOOMSDAY.


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