Saturday, June 28, 2008


Other nations, cities, states and corporations, faced with similar situations, disgraced by inefficient or incompetent execs is rarley tolerated. Crooks who cook the books, wheel and deal, rob and steal get no sympathy from the corporate weel. Those who deny or falsify or just can't do the job they're hired to do are fired unceremoniously. All businesses react alike: do the job or get the axe, hit the pike, you're through! Too-dah-loo to you!

So why shouldn't Sneery Face and the two-faced veep at least suffer disgrace and. be IMPEACHED? Congress has been beseeched, since Dubya walked away with the presidency to get rid of this undesirable idiot and be done with it. But no, no, no! They would not go that route. Kick out a membe of the Bush dynasty? That would be a nasty thing to do.

A better solution, just violate the Constitution. Ignore federal legislation, rob the courts of their legal rights, lose sight of what is wrong or right. Yet, they impeached then President Clinton on a sex offense and lying under oath, both insignificant compared to what Bush has done, declaring a war without justification at a cost of trillions and thousands of GIs killed, wounded or maimed, many who will never live normally again.

In the name of decency and democracy, what Bush and Company have done can only be described as crimes against humanity. The insanity of the Dubya regime must be deplored, must not be ignored. This is not just politics as usual. And It's criminal of Congress not to face up to their responsibility, to deal with the illegality of the Bush/Chaney crimes and set the records straight before it's too late.

How can Republicans expect to regain respect of the nation after violation of so many laws they vowed to obey?


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