Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Any writer worth his mettle will never settle for second best. If he has nothing to say he won't convey it. He takes no stock in schlock which is just a lot of crock. He'd rather put his mimd at rest, be thankfl he's blessed wth writer's block.

I offer this advice for free: Take delight in what you write, but beware or you will drain your brain and run out of excuses as to why you've lost your creative juices.

Talent comes and talent goes. Where it comes from nobody knows. Sometimes it flows from unknown genes, from trauma in your early teens, from incidents and events that affect you when you least expect them to.

Genius comes from all races, from slums and bums, from winners, losers, and child abusers, from rich and poor and starving masses, from upper, middle and lower classes. It keeps you guessing, expressing and digressing. Consider it a curse or blessing. It makes you glad or makes you sad or makes you wish you never had the obsession to excel. It's sometimes hell to be special and alone in a world all your own,

No one understands the demands you place upon yourself that put you on the empty shelf of self-destruction.


Blogger Sylvia K said...

Have enjoyed reading your posts and particularly agree with this one. Writing has always been my passion and sometimes I feel as though I can't get everything down quickly enough and then there are the times when all I pull up is a total blank. If I'm not careful I can very foolishly let that lead to a bad day.

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