Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm still young, eighty plus a few, leaning on a cane, still telling my brain what to do, I have a few aches and pains predicting rain, a back, that's somewhat out of whack. I seldom stage a sack attack, although I assure you I've not lost the nack. My heart's the smartest part of me. It's been beating since my infancy and only stops temporarily for traffic cops when I drive erratically.

I choose to be booze free and don't do drugs but swill water with a iittle pill that gives my date a ten second thrill when I fill the bill so I can prove I'm still the man I used to be when I was only twenty-three. My body's not so slim or sleek even though I walk a mile once a week when I'm at my peak.

I hear everything I want or need to hear with that gadget in my ear and see everything I want to see when the girl that passes by is a sex-pot of sixty-three. I sill have all the body parts with which I was born and they have worn along with me, but I don't care as long as they fit in my underwear and let me know they sill are there. But what happened to my hair?. It was on my head when I went to bed. It was black with streaks of gray. Since it fled my head is cold beneath my hat and I look old and fat and when that happened I don't know. My mirror's cracked but doesn't lie so I guess I'll kiss my youth good-bye.

That's how it goes. I've still got ten fingers, ten toes, a nose, two ears, two bifocal eyes and, to my surprise, few foreign parts from other guys less fortunate than I who were laid to rest with parts missing they may need for kissing and such things when they get to the other side.

I still enjoy the thrills life provides. I'm safe and sort o' sound on this round planet of my birth. So let the fly guys pass by the moon on to Mars and far off stars. Perhaps I'll join these chaps one day in the sky. I'll flap my wings as they go by on their way to where man has never been before.

Me, I'll settle for the Jersey shore, a red hot and a pint of beer, grateful that most of my body parts and me still are here,


Blogger Sylvia K said...

Ah, I can and do relate although you do have a few years on me. I enjoy your blogs and you have a great sense of humor. I don't know about you, but I find that a real necessity.


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