Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A liar with desire to set the world on fire starts a war. With no show of emotion and devotion to a notion that his war against Iraq will prevent another attack on the USA basically is true. The terrorists are busy killing us and their enemies, destroying economies, enjoying it immensely. Why come over here to do what they do better Over There?

Forget the lives they've lost. When they accost us and our friendly enemy, that's no cause for their distress. Death's just part of the business of being terrorists.

Insurgents based in Pakistan are so busy attacking Afghanistan, why risk that, we might strike back if they rain on our parade? What they would have to pay out of pocket to ship their rockets here by American express would break the back of attackers and computer hackers stacked up, eMacs at the ready. Paying bribes to sneak suicide bombers through detection and strip down inspection this close to our presidential election is just a minor complication. It happens in the best of nations.

To be blunt, imported terrorist are not a threat. Worldwide inflation, recession, even depression, rule out aggression from any enemy nation on the face of creation. They're only a minor complication on the road to world domination.


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