Sunday, July 13, 2008


Whether you're a racist, a sexist, a Democrat or a Republican who can't stand McCaine pain or the president's incompetent mismanagement, you must agree, only a united Democrats can save democracy.

We're in a mess. Only the Dems can deal with this distress. Not with a guess and settle for less. With sensible solutions destined for a Democratic win. That's where it must all begin.

Bush lies got us where we are---in an undeclared, illegal war. Thousands of GIs dead. Thousand more wounded, maimed, framed by a Dubya of evil intent. Trillions spent for armament that made no sense and led to unintended consequents.

The economy? It's in the pits. Enough red ink to sink the Ship of State. Recession headed for depression. Is bankruptcy waiting down the pike? Like it or not, that's what we got. Democracy going to pot. All because of a president rotten to the core. Need I say more?

What to do? Exterminate the rats. Elect Democrats. Hopefully, Hillary and Barrack, Not McCaine, insane with a brain like GWB, master of misery and Republican hypocrisy. A war monger who will keep us longer in Iraq while seeking more countries to attack.

Because of voter stupidity, apathy and Republican criminality, we went from Clinton prosperity to Bush idiocy. Will we ever see the light again? Can Democrats make things right again? They just might. But not overnight. Maybe not even in eight more years, It may take a generation or two to undo what the GOP got us into.

There's only this to say as we await Election Day: Bye-bye GWB and the GOP Three Cheeers for Obama and Hillary and Democratic Democracy!


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