Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Madmen dreamed about it. Esteemed scientists wrote themes about it. Scifi writers we quote wrote about it. Mastermind Einstein postulated it could be created. Yet to this day all agree technology remains a theory that strains the brains of those who choose to refuse the possibility that one day man will turn fantasy into reality.

Invention of a Time Machine will open eyes to new dimensions, to see more scenes than man has ever seen before.

All this wondering and pondering is related to antique antiquity. Will man travel back to once that was and relive the past simply because it happened to happen in times of antiquity? Or do those who suppose we will one day travel back in history are on a flight of fancy that man was never meant to be?

With proper electronic, supersonic machinery we just might recapture chapters lost in pre-historic history.

What really happened at Waterloo? How were famous assignations and bloody assassinations plotted in the horrid, sordid era of insanity-driven humanity? Who orchestrated and perpetrated millenniums of manmade disasters? Will we one day see all that ever occurred or is that dream absurd?

Can we believe there was once an Adam and an Eve? That a man (or, possibly, a woman) called God created everything from sky to sea and all the green in-between? Could He (or, possibly, She) being all-seeing, see
what was to be before it came to be? Did God complete all creation in six days and then take a well deserved one day vacation?

Did God part the sea and view the Jews as they began their travel to the land of milk and honey that was to become their destiny and dynasty, known by all the world today as the Great State of Israel?

Stick around and wait a spell. It all might come to be. You can never tell.


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