Saturday, August 23, 2008


Who Shives a Git if another thousand GIs die in a war based on a G. D. lie and a greedy need for Iraq oil. It's sad but it ain't funny. Ask who gets the vote and all you hear is SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Does anybody really care about polluted air, weather gone wild, hurricanes and insane rains? Ask millions who they're voting for. Overwhelmingly they'll agree: THE MAN WITH A PLAN TO FIX THE ECONOMY!

Bridges are crumbling, tumbling down. Poverty is rampant in town after town. The poor are uninsured and the seriously ill are seldom cured, Will the American Dream become a nightmare? NOT IF WE, THE PEOPLE, REALLY CARE!

Is money what it's all about? Cash alone won't get the U. S. out of the mess it's in. Obama can help cure our ills with more than just plain dollar bills. LET'S ALL PITCH IN AND HELP OBAMA WIN!

We live in a tragic, critical time. Crime and corruption, disruption of family and society, faced with unemployment and bankruptcy. What is happening to our democracy? A White House steeped in hypocrisy. The Constitution made a mockery. Is it all the fault of the GOP? Not entirely. But it is, overwhelmingly.

Two candidates. Take your pick. One is sick from chronic Republican ideology. The other offers a mix of first term wannabes. Inexperience? There's some of that among Democrats. Intelligence? That, plus judgment and common sense everywhere. Honesty? Integrity? Motivation to return this nation to what it used to be when democracy was the guiding light of what was right and what was worth fighting for. When war was the enemy of humanity. Do we want four more years of GWB? A prolonged war, more GIs dead, more hearts broken, grief beyond belief, more unemployed, more lives destroyed.

What about the moneyed few? More wealth for the wealthy, more power for the GOP, less of all things good for the masses of humanity. A vote for McPain is insane, Four more years of a Dubya-cloned brain will further drain our democracy. Tell John and all the GOP "Be gone!" Then let's move on to a future free of what it used to be, SEE YOU AT THE POLLS ELECTION DAY!


Blogger Sylvia K said...

You are so right and you say it perfectly!! A close look at this country these days would make you wonder how anyone with more than one brain cell would even give McCain a passing glance.

10:00 AM  

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