Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What I am about to say might be considered politically incorrect, but ask I must. I trust you will understand my reasons why I, like you and billions do, love this Land of Liberty and realize it can't survive endurably without wisdom and stability.

Sen. John McCain is a true patriot. Like it or not, he may become our next president. His selected running mate, many believe, is not qualified to reside in the White House. If President McCain should die or be disabled would Vice President Sarah Palan be able to asssume the awesome tasks all heads of state must face?

Will she reveal the hidden qualities and abilities she must draw on to carry on successfully? Will she serve with wisdom and precision to make the right decisions when faced with matters of state, with war and peace, with the economy and the ecology, with foreign nations and a thousand and one critical situations the president alone must resolve? Can she respond one-on-one, face to face, conduct negotiations with determined dedication and feminine grace, realize her determinations could send millions into war where untold numbers of GIs would die and loved ones would cry and live with their pain and loss eternally?.

Being president is not all fun and games, fame and cheers and adulation, four years of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, endless sorrow, tears of joy, hometown GIs returning home alive and well, heroes from a living hell; and there are those slain by foes, in flag-draped coffins traveling to their final rest at Mother Nature's welcome breast.

Is this the job for a small town girl, mayor of a strip mall town, governor of a thinly populated state, oil wells, hockey games and heavy snows, seals, fresh fish and eskimos. Sarah, are you braced to take your place in a world different from the town where you were grown, larger than you've ever known?


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