Friday, September 12, 2008


When will voters see through the bigotry, the racist baiter haters, the cheap-skaters who will spend a dollar to save a dime and blame the Democrats every time taxes rise. They ignore what they are paying for: the Trillion Dollar War Bush lied to get us into. Don't they know what this wonderful country's paying for? What it's people are going through?

Thousands homeless, thousands more about to join their ranks, laid-off workers just like many of us, were unemployed, riding the bus seeking jobs that are not there, bankruptcies everywhere, businesses and banks gone bust, politicians lie, deny, don't know why. Who can you trust to do what must be done to make our nation Number One again?

There are women, there are men, even children under ten who fear they'll never ever see again the world they were born into, the happy times they knew when Dad went to work each day and Mom stayed home to make sure we were all OK. When childhood was a time for kids to play and look forward to the day they'd be grown and have children of their own.

We, victims of this nightmare, all recall---coming home from school hungry as a bear. Mom was always there. "What's for a snack?" happy children shout. Mom throws back her head and laughs. "There's milk and cake in the fridge," says she "Baked some cookies just today,"

"Just for sis and me?" Mom nods her head yes, kisses her children tenderly. It's how life used to be before Before Dad couldn't take it anymore. Why'd he have to die? Mom tries not to cry. Tears tell the reeasos why.

As just a tot you knew a lot you couidn't talk about, but you remembered when the rent came due. Payment on the home we owned and bought brand new. They managed each month to pay, somehow, some way. Then we kids learned the truth. Who'd have predicted? We were evicted. No more trips to the candy store, No moire weeknds at the shore. No more of this, less of that. Dad put on his hat, kissed us all goodbye. And went away to die. We never saw him again until he lay in his box at rest. I cannot let myself forget.

Back when all this came about we had hope we'd make out.There was a vote for president. The candidate of promise lost. His opponent won. Our nation suffered a terrible cost. The man who could have found the right road back lost to Sen. John McCain, He was white. The loser was Sen. Barack Obama. He was black.
Times have gotten worse since then. Two men with different goals. One who believed only White Was Right. The other had a different role to play. To serve and save the U. S. A. The public rejected his fervent plea. He lost the race Because of His Race.

When all was said and done, what might have happened, had the.Black Man won?


Blogger Sylvia K said...

I wonder if we'll get a chance to know. It is a sad time.

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