Monday, September 22, 2008


Let me explain:

We've got Sarah Palin. Knock the "L" out of Palin. What's left? P - A - I - N ! Then there's John McCain. Change the "C" in Cain to a "P" and what do you see? P - A - I - N which rhymes with McCain, insane, an addled brain, a campaign on the wane.

It's plain to see the irony of what awaits you and me and the future of democracy if these two become the "P" and "V. P." of what was left by the Right that was wrong, thanks but no thanks to G. W. B.

What's ahead for four more years if voters fail to use their head and elect/select the GOP and the Bush clone, J. McP. ? A long, painful recession leading to a possible deep depression, bankrupt corporations and lower expectations for the U. S. and foreign nations.

Can't you see what's happening to this place, a microscopic spot in space? The human race is a disgrace. Misery. Agony. Hypocrisy. Starvation. Aggravation. A generation's brains on vacation.

It doesn't have to end like this. There's a way out of this abyss. Embrace good and brotherhood. Think less of ME, more of WE. There can be a bright tomorrow, less sorrow, less sadness. less madness, golden sunsets for the old, in the end a friend to guide them to a place of grace, peace, rest and the best that's yet to be in eternity.


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