Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Take this question/suggestion for what it's worth. Isn't it time politicians get down to earth and concentrate on what's on this planet.

There are thousands of bridges falling down in every city and town, highways and byways desperately in need of repair everywhere, schools with children in overcrowded classes being taught by frustrated, poorly educated teachers as well as some well trained but restrained by rules at their schools that insist they pass from class to class with untrained brains who can hardly read and write, add two and two, still rely on fingers and toes and come up with totals that are sometimes incorrect.

What do you expect from kids who don't get enough to eat, live in crowded quarters devoid of heat, wear ragged hand-me-downs and shoes with holes in soles?

How about hospitals where the destitute are ailing in a system that is failing to provide proper skills and the equipment and implements to treat and, hopefully, cure families uninsured who must endure deprivations because of their lowly station in life.

Washington can and must expand research into the theory of stem cell applications to cures of chronic diseases and transplant procedures that grant hope for a longer life devoid of pain and strife?

Where peopie can spend more quality time with family and friends, read and learn and earn more money, enjoy more bright and sunny todays and tomorrows, filled with love and laughter? And when the end must come for them to bid this world farewell with a sense of content and accomplishment.

The GOP always accuses Democrats of "tax and spend." But they never say what Democrat-motivated tax dollars support---rising price of pills and doctor bill's, nursing homes and senior facilities; fuel to heat homes, gas for cars, booze and baby shoes and other nonessential necessities.

Taxes pay the freight. Government must operate profitably. What they spend depends on what taxes generate; taxes are how they earn what they must learn not to burn. Taxes fill a need. Let not them be consumed by human greed.


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