Friday, October 24, 2008


Our American dollar once had hoot and holler. It was the king of currencies, the big cheese of economies, master of the marketplace.

It set the pace for making and creating a need that once did not exist. Dice were rolled and the hottest cold cash in demand changed hands throughout the U. S. and in every single friendly foreign land. No one wondered why. War was just a way to live or die, be part of the scene, enjoy the hours in-between.

That was then. This is now. Somehow things are not the same in the world's fast changing money game. And it's mostly about war and the economy.

The American buck is out of luck time and again. Unease about the interlocking economies creates hostilities and jealousies now and then, against the traditional currencies and the euro, the newest hero dough on the go, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but always a player in the international money show. If the currencies would not compete and work together, the nations could minimize the storms that rise between them.

Why must we have war with brief of peace before more dying? Because the weak must surrender to the strong, must learn to get along. To concede diplomacy is a better way. That might is never right and right is sometimes wrong.

Why do nations always have to prove their superiority? Have those who fought and won the last war survived only to sire sons who might die the next time around?


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