Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We are in a deep recession on the cusp of a catastrophic depression. But there are ways to turn it around, to mend damage done by McCain's "my friends."

Let's jump off the McCain FRIGHT (spelled right) train and switch the track back to where engineer Obama knows we must go. If he has to raise taxes to fuel the express, so it must be. FDR proved it didn't have to take a war to speed a recovery. So shall it be for our ailing economy.

Roosevelt took command in the depths of depression, faced with a lack, of cash caused by the Wall Street Crash, He inherited Hoover's failed administration, with citizens facing starvation in a once wealthy nation, committed to soup kitchen nutrition. Fortunately, our current situation has not sunken to the times of "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Will our Land of Golden Opportunity ever sink into the sewer of the super poor? Sure it could be if we don't find ways to save the USA! There are crumbling bridges falling down all over town. Highways in need of repair everywhere, public pools and overcrowded schools, parks where children play and seniors wile away the day. We need more police to keep the peace, patrol the streets and pound the beats, more firefighters to respond to alarms, save taxpayers from loss and harm. Why not funds and grants for scholarships and aid for those with special needs?

There are endless jobs unemployed can do to renew the magic of America. All this and more will happen with Obama in command.


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