Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That the deal is done, the GOP has lost and we have won, we can safely say there was a way they could have saved a shred of dignity for a future run at stealing the presidency, but they missed the bus. That was good for us.

Think about it. The gang who sang the Impatient Song and got enough Democratic votes to go along with their campaign to impeach a president for messin' around with Monica did succeed. But one rule they did not heed in their effort to succeed. WHAT GOES AROUND OFTEN COMES AROUND!

Bill was made to pay for his cheap thrill with the LInsky girl, but he was not ousted for this whirl. He stayed in office until the bitter end and regained his dignity and popularity. True, he committed and eventually sort of admitted guilt for what he'd done. Just a lot of fuss to force a confession for his discretion.

Now compare Bill's sex to the myriad laws and violations of the Constitution, the refusal to respond to federal court injunctions and compunctions to disobey laws just because Bush told them to. Who do you think is more deserving of impeachment? Token President Bush and his motley of crooks and double dealers.

If the Republicans had taken action against the wrong doers in their midst, instead of insisting they didn't exist, they would have elected a few of the recalcitrant members of their party. They wouldn't have won the presidency but would have earned respect for their honesty and integrity.

Now the GOP is faced with the disgrace of having to rebuild a party of liars and deniers. How will they do it, you may ask. That'll be one hellluva task.


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