Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Sen.John McCayn was aiming for the big event, president. He went to great extent to explain who he is and why he is most qualified to steer this year's victory train from his Arizona desert home to the jungle world of Washington, D. C.

This decorated, dedicated Navy flyer, a prisoner of the Viet Cong, for more than five years, remained silent and strong, faithful to the USA, a hero in every way and merited his nomination as the nation's GOP candidate--- proud and patriotic, gung ho, on the go!

To emphasize his dedication he supported the Iraq war above personal ambition. He was on a mission to protect the population from terrorist attack. To stress his patriotic dedication he said he'd rather lose the race for president and preserve the peace.

But still his goal from the beginning was winning. He assured voters he knew how. He "had a plan" he'd reveal if elected. He'd tell how to turn the economy around. He bragged alot, campaigned alot. That's all we got. Politic rhetoric. Either John's ideas were sham or losers just don't give a damn. They lick their wounds, wait for winners to make mistakes, then choose to use oppositon miscues to win next time. Ain't that a crime!

When all's said and done, the side that's won has earned the help of those who lost, no matter the cost of political pride. Sharing and caring are, no doubt, what patriotism's all about.

* * * * * *

Barack is making dreams come true. The GOP has joined him, too. The coalition's building steam. With all this going on, where is John? Where is John?


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