Thursday, December 18, 2008


What was the barefoot bomber trying to say when he threw his shoe at Dubyu? He was off target just like the war gets day by day as the D.C. Dodger misbehaves and heaves away. The aim was rotten, but the purpose not forgotten.

The-time has come for Dumbya to pack up and leave Iraq. To which we add: Barack's gonna bring our GIs back. And that's an Xact Xlax fax.

Here's a tip for the Drip who lost his grip when he was a lad at his mommie's "spritz,'" Take a long one-way trip on a leaky ship to the Island of Don't Shivagit and don't come back. All your friends in D.C.---two or three (approximately)---- wish you well on your stay in hell. You're worth it for what you did to life on Earth.

Best wishes for all you little Texass Bushes. Now that Dubya's out and Obama's in, a better life should soon begin with Laura seving up the gin while the good old boys jaw about why they didn't win/steal the whole damn deal.

The Texy twins can renew making news guzzling booze like Daddy doos. And Daddy can go on dodging shoes and sneering on cue like he used to do.


Anonymous aron pieman kay said...

it is akin to throwing a pie in the face of nazi bush!!!!!

1:15 AM  

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