Thursday, December 25, 2008


Listen up, everyone, the deal is done. Obama won the prize. He' s the kind of guy who really tries. His goal: to change the world before our eyes.

He has the will, the skill, the imagination, the determination, the dedication, the one to tackle the job and get it done.

He's not a hotshot politician with single, one track vision, too obstinate to modify or revise an unrealistic position. He's not a do or die denier. He's a man with soul on fire. He won't tell lies, make false claims, call names to shame the opposition. He's not out for gold or glory. That's the story. The Continuing Drama of Barick Obama.

Our new president calls for change. He knows he can, he knows he will, he'll work until the job is done. Heed his word. Climb aboard. He looks toward a new tomorrow. He's right. He sees the light. He might prove to be the savior of democracy. The last Great Hope of Humanity.


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