Saturday, January 31, 2009


Don't let those GOP liars and crooks off the hook when it comes to rewriting the history books about the 2008 presidential campaign and theRepublican defeat that put President Bareck Obama in the driver's seat.

The current theme of the losing team: oppose any plan that advances Obama strategy to jump-start the economy, increase employment, improve education and restore more respect for this hurting nation. The Republicans fear that any success Obama scores this year will further diminish GOP power. Obama's success in 2008 could seal the fate othe GOP for years to come.

If President Obama and a Democrat control of Congress can undo most of what was rammed through by a GOP majority and replace this legislation with laws that benefit the population, not the major corporations, they may come to understand where the real power lies not with the Wall Street wise guys, but with the Main Street citizens throughout the land.


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