Monday, February 02, 2009


What I want to know is this---Does anybody give a damn what's happening to Uncle Sam? Did he have a friend to warn him that the end of the trend where the economy was on the mend was near? That troubled times would soon be here? That another bubble---worse than the first---would threaten the success of President Obama's career?

When cracks in the foundation of our nation began to appear, was there not one pessimist to insist the future was fraught with fear. No doubt, no shout rang out, "Gef out while you can before the FIT SITS THE SHAN?"

It would have been nice if someone in the know had given that advice, but they did not. As a result the whole wide world is going to pot. And President Obama's got a lot to do to undo what ex-PresiDUNCE George W. Bush has put the whole world through.

Did any of the talking heads know what lie ahead? I kid you not, of -course they did. The PHDs, the economy pros, the CPAs and those that praised the phony rise that blinded unwise eyes to reality, they knew what was ahead, but said what they said while selling out at insane gains to avoid the pains of sudden loss and build up their cash to get ready for the crash they speculate is inevitable but, for them, could be profitable.

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The trick. buy long, sell short. Win or Lose? Depends on the stock you choose. Where it goes, who knows? Get advice when using this device to second guess the selling price.


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