Saturday, February 14, 2009


There's s theory making the rounds in D,C. that sounds logical to me, that the pathological liars who control the GOP have a sure fire plan to attack Barack, take our nation back to wrack and ruin like Dubya was doin; screwin' the Democrats and the USA.

The brain-trusts that be at the DNC seem oblivious to the obvious: The rejected non-elected Republicans, sore losers to the core, are determined to sack Barack in the only way they know---accuse, abuse, refuse to admit they lost it fair and square. By hook or crook they'll look and find a way to change the minds of the bemused, confused looking for someone to tell them what to do.

Republicans know how to lie, how to cry when they face degrading defeat. But as Harry Truman used to say, they just can't stand the heat.

The GOP has a losing strategy: oppose the enemy at every turn. Spurn all efforts to repair the economy they broke. It's time they get up to snuff on lots of stuff they screwed and cease this feud with the Democrats, now the fat cats in D. C.

But no, they can't go that route or admit they're out until they mend their way and put the USA first before their thirst for power that turned sour in Obama's euphoric historic presidential victory.

In politics it's not so important whether you win or lose, but who you choose and what they do to benefit you and the USA. But if you and your party don't see eye to eye sometimes you must side with the other guy. You must express your view and do what your conscience expects from you. This is what is called integrity, one of the hallmarks of democracy.


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