Monday, February 09, 2009


Nice Guy Obama won the presidency fair and square and decided if there was a quicker way to make everything OK, why not try to share the power and determination with the former administration? We have plans on what to do, maybe the GOP has a few. It's been said, two heads are better than one. Maybe that's the best way to get things done.

While still friends, Obama will agree to end the political debate and set the record straight. On that assumption, Barack and his crew had the gumption to offer working legislation to get the USA out of the economic situation caused in part by lack of cooperation by the Democrats. Republicans and Independents, the trillions of voters coast to coast, even concerned citizens from foreign lands.

Instead of blaming who started this mess, let's keep an open mind and find mutually beneficial means to wipe the slate clean of rhetoric and cooperate to save the fate that man and/or nature have created and pledge to spare the universe from the curse of annihilation.

So far, Republicans have been playing the rejection game, trying to shame the Democrats by claiming they don't know what to do. This, by the party of Bush/Cheney who put this world in such a stew.

It's unfortunate, but a proportionate minority in this nation, and some in other lands, do not understand the critical condition the planet is in, from over population to starvation, economic and atomic disputations, climate warming and other alarming planetary situations.

This is not a game we're playing. Planet Earth could be decaying right before our eyes. Unless we're wise and realize what's going on, someday we and the Earth could all be gone.


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