Friday, March 06, 2009


When will politicians and lawmakers become aware the cost of health care in the U. S. is in such distress not only because so many Americans are uninsured and victims of dread diseases that can't be cured because so many greedy, dishonest physicians pad their bills, charge for ills they don't treat and cheat Medicare and patients royally because of incompetent clerks and assorted jerks working for clvil service perks?

On top of all that, some hospitals strive to keep patients alive in terminal limbo so they can milk insurance companies and federal budgets who, without doubt, are a part of the scam that jam the system. These are ignored as Congress members pro and con go on and on In these times of financial crisis.

If you'd like proof of these allegations just ask your constituents to share a few of their Medicare or Medicaid statements with you. How often have you spent five minuets or less in a "private consultation" with a doctor and found out later he/she billed the health provider several hundred dollars for an "in depth" discussion?

Are your billings listed in medical jargon you don't understand or recall having received and the provider has paid for them without question? And if you want to protest a charge it's too much red tape so you get fed up and forget the whole thing.

I once worked for Social Security in Baltimore and the waste and theft of office supplies and the phony payments for overtime were rampant. Everybody, including our supervisor, were in on the take and it was a big office joke. The usual excuse was, "It's only taxpayers money, so who cares?"

Each year, just before school opened, office supply cabinets were bare and reorders for hundreds of pencils, rulers, scissors and assorted "school supplies" were approved without question.

These are just a few of the ways your money is wasted every day in thousands of government offices by just one agency. Do you wonder where the trillions went? (MORE ON GOV WASTE IN FUTURE BLOGS. STAY TUNED!)


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