Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Even before he became the Democrat Presumptive candidate, Barack Obama knew he'd make the grade. He made promises he knew he could keep. He knew they would not be quick or cheap, but once made he could keep and expand to every corner of the land and to every foreign nation dedicated to serve and preserve freedom and democracy in the U. S. and reaches out to other nations with the similar aspiration.

But first President Obama, must persuade a hostile Republican Party minority to put politics aside and support his stimulus program to return prosperity to the U. S. and a world in distress.

President Obama's stimulus program is not based on intuition or unproven suppositions, but on intelligence and common sense and on the combined strategies of civilized nations facing up to the now-or-never opportunity to make this time in history their finest hour.

The U. S. intent: prevent world depression. The Republicans will try anything, will lie and cheat and fight to defeat all measures to spare treasuries from bankruptcy and seriously delay the recovery of a threatened world economy. Their bottom line: Will what they do now benefit their party in future elections?

Democrats and Republicans are gripped in a battle of Need Versus Greed. The American Congress may, with the help of Democrats and, hopefully, enlightened Republicans and Independents determine the economic future of the free world.


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