Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Barack Obama, a man of his word, was never heard to say he'd bring back the economy early in his presidency. He did vow to review laws and flaws of the Bush administration that caused the economy to tank.

Bank bankruptcies, failing, ailing industries massive home foreclosures began on Bush's ride and multiplied because Dubya couldn't decide what to do. Remember how Dubya used to brag he was the "Decider." His wrong decisions, indecisions, vision- inspired miscalculations should have sent him straight to prison for a long incarceration.

It will take time to deal with all the crimes the slimes have dumped on this nation and the Obama administration. Rest assured, Barack will eventually bring good times back in spite of the Bush stupidity.

We must call atention to Bush's invention of the illegal Iraq war, which by far, weakened the economy. It did more. While Bush was minding the store more than four thousand GIs died, some by suicide. Thousands were wounded, maimed and disabled whose lives will never be the same. These facts about this rotten war must not be forgotten nor should the guilty of the GOP get off the hook in the history books.

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Some anti-Obama pundits and other dyed in the BULL Republicans say things like "Obama has been president for two months and the stock market's terrible. How come he hasn't fixed it?" Obama is fixing what can be fixed with a stroke of his pen, like some unemployment insurance regulations and the ban on stem cell research, among others. But more about that in future blogs.)


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