Sunday, March 22, 2009


The U.S. is in an awful mess in a debate that just might seal its fate. It pits Dirty Rotten AIG defending greed against Uncle Sam who represents the Public Need. Which side will win it's hard to say. The winner will control our economy and destiny indefinitely The victim gets a bag of broken dreams and debts to pay for years to come. And then some.

It all began when the banks sank trillions into loans that tanked; They looked to the U. S. to bail them out. Uncle Sam came up with the cash they were to invest in the economy but instead they awarded it to their incompetent execs as bonuses for a job poorly done. When the U. S accused them of misuse of the dough, the banks said it was all done legit and refused to refund.a dime of it.

The banks and the government signed the contract and that's a fact. Exactly what the White House can do to get out of it will probably be sorted out by the courts. Who allowed the loophole in the law? Nobody saw it. No one wants to share the blame. The Congresspersons all agree it was a dirty rotten AIG shame, but all the same, a law's a law and must be obeyed. That's how laws are made. That's how the game is played. So please don't rain on Barack Obama's parade.


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